While every floor has its’ advantages, tile floors have a well-earned reputation for being extremely durable.  Examples can be found in ancient mosaics that survive millenia.  Tile is extremely varied, and ranges from natural stone products that are simply cut from slabs such as marble and granite, to glass, to fired products like ceramic and porcelain.  

All of these different materials provide distinct designs, colors, and other qualities.  Its’ installation method specifically lends itself to custom work, with borders, listellos, multi-size patterns, and other design options, making it the most easily customizable floor.


The largest tile manufacturer in the US, and one of the largest in the world. Daltile has been in business over 60 years and is owned by parent company Mohawk Industries.
Offering a full range of tiles, borders, and deco pieces, Daltile provides a one-stop shop for any kitchen, bathroom, commercial or living space. From simple, solid styles to marble to contemporary concrete looks, Dal has something for everyone.

A relative newcomer to the tile marketplace, MSI has startled the industry, importing more than 4,500 items and a massive inventory.
This new giant has stepped into multiple industry segments ranging from marble and quartz to ceramic and even countertop slabs.
MSI goes through the trouble of importing from many niche tile manufacturers throughout the world so consumers get the pricing and variety they want without the hassle of the search.

The largest privately-held tile manufacturer in the US.
Emser Tile has found a niche with designers and architects, offering more specialized tile designs to complete any space.
With a more limited, designer-friendly product line, it's easy to find a look that will tie everything together without being overwhelmed by unnecessary or duplicate options.

A subsidiary of Daltile and Mohawk Industries, American Olean is a well-known US manufacturer of tile, supplying many traditional tile styles at competitive prices.
AO is also known to flourish in commercial buildings, supplying durable, clean, and safe tiles for any area.